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Cash Sample is an old school RPG, wich main inspirations are GTA, Pokemon, Final Fantasy, and Robbery.

  • Play a Scenario and level up your characters, your phone apps, your estates.
  • Collect hundreds of items like TVs, Meds, Jewelry, Socks... Some houses are full of surpises.
  • Unlock a Roguelite Heist mode that will pair you with unique Robbers.
  • Play several Minigames to unlock items, money, and more...

The principal aspects of this demo are listed inside the game, via dialog.


F2: Toggle FPS (please display them if you make a video)
F4: Toggle Fullscreen
F5: Reset/Check for Controller
Arrow keys: Move
Enter Key: Validate
ESC: Cancel
Page Down: Fast Dialog
B: Open Phone

Install instructions

The minimum requirement CPU so far is Dual Core 2Ghz (~20fps with big hiccups)

I playtest on a Quad Core 3.5Ghz (144fps stable )


Cash Sample (Alpha 0.3).zip 373 MB
Cash Sample(Alpha 0.31) (Download this if loading errors).zip 376 MB

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